A downloadable DemonWraith for Windows, macOS, and Android

Gabrielle is  a rookie officer for the police  task force, looking forward to her day off. However, it has been cancelled, the city is under siege by a  mysterious serial killer that the authorities are unable catch, always one step behind. However, in the midst of this horror, an earthquake strikes the city and a horde of monsters appear in the city in large numbers. The police are overpowered by the creatures, turning the city into a living hell. 

Now, Gabrielle must partner up with the mysterious Vincent, the sole survivor of a strike team sent to investigate the monster infestation, and other survivors to discover the cause of the city's downfall and survive long enough to save the city.

But in a city overrun by monsters, an even greater threat lurks in the shadows.

Check out the first chapter of this tale.

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Install instructions

Executable file inside .rar file. Just unpack and play.

APK file. Check settings of your android device to allow install of unknown sources. 


demonwraith.mobile-100-armeabi-v7a-release.apk 118 MB
DemonWraith-1.0-pc.zip 129 MB
DemonWraith-1.0-mac.zip 112 MB

Development log


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So I gave the game a playthrough and I left some feedback on the game that you should know about at the end of the video.

Hey, thanks for the playing through the demo. I certainly will be implementing more features such as full-screen and configuration, among other things. Thanks for the feedback. I appreciate it a lot.